3 Ways To Developing A Better In-app Mobile Advertising Program

Not only have people embraced mobile but businesses have as well.

Businesses around the globe have seen the value and we are seeing a big shift in where ad dollars are being spent. While the amount spent on desktop ads is currently higher, eMarketer expects the amount spent on mobile ads to be double of desktop ad spending withing two years.

Within the mobile realm, it has become clear that users prefer mobile applications to the mobile web.

It has become clear that users prefer mobile applications to the mobile web

It has become clear that users prefer mobile applications to the mobile web | Photo: Luke Ma (Flikr)

Research has shown that users spend significantly more time using mobile apps than they do on the mobile web. Brands are increasing budgets for in-app ads and we are going to see tremendous growth in this area over the upcoming years.

But how do you take advantage of this trend? You plan ahead.

A mobile app will take time to develop and gain traction. You need to look forward to the time when your app will be on the market. Take a good look at trends so that you aren’t left offering something that was out of style before you even stated. Talk to you iPhone application developer or Android application developer about the trends they are seeing as well as they are on the front trenches and will be a wealth of information.

Prepare to capture data

What does the user do after they install the app? Do they purchase goods? Read reviews? Share content? As the market for in-app advertising grows and matures advertisers will want this data. The more you can offer to advertisers in terms of data the better.

Consumers want interactivity

Look for growth in terms of interactive ads.  Why? Because they are more effective with higher click through rates. Many of these interactive ads give users controls with the ad which makes them stand out due to being fresh and new. For instance, some new ads even offer game play. Brands are looking for opportunities to advertise where they get results.

Marketers want automation

Marketers want to be able to buy ad space in an efficient and automated way. Create an interface to allow your advertisers to easily buy ad space and control their advertising. We have all gotten used to convenience and marketers are no different. Offering an easy way to interact with your advertising can be the difference between you and other apps that makes the difference to ad buyers.

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Kimber Johnson
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