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Many Users Want Improved Contact with Brands

In a recent survey conducted by Contact Solutions, researchers found that mobile shoppers want more contact than many retailers are currently giving them. Based on study results, nearly three-fourths of shoppers said they would use mobile applications that offered a live chat option to users.

The survey points out that many consumers would like more enhanced forms of contact with retailers and brands via mobile channels.

“To start meeting the needs of customers, retailers must develop a strategy that provides consumers with a positive, interactive engagement with the brand,” says Kimber Johnson, Managing Director of Pacific App Design. “While mobile applications have been a great way to access information, retailers need to see apps as more of a two way communication tool.”

The survey goes on to detail other findings that support this conclusion, such as the feeling many shoppers had they can’t solve problems via mobile.

“Proactively acting to offer the shopping experience that consumers are looking for will set brands apart from their competitors,” concludes Mr. Johnson.

Keys to Mobile Commerce 2.0

What do consumers want when shopping from mobile applications?

In a recent study designed to look at mobile shopping, Catalina found that what shoppers want in a mobile commerce experience is quite simple: they want to save time and money without extra hassle. Their survey was based on a nationwide survey of 1,000 smartphone owners who are also the primary grocery shopper within their respective households.

Mobile applications have changed the way we look at retail as we can now shop using just a few touches of our fingers. The next wave of mobile applications that are being designed with a shopper-centric approach will accelerate adoption of mobile shopping by providing content that is relevant to individual shoppers.

“We are seeing shopping experiences grow from the catalog approach that mirrored catalogs into personalized shopping experiences that save consumers time and cater to their interests,” says Kimber Johnson, Managing Director, Pacific App Design. “Relevant content is enhancing user experiences and savvy shoppers are gravitating towards the retailers and brands that are delivering the shopping experience that consumers want.”

Mobile commerce is an area where brands are actively working to deliver better shopping experiences so brands can’t wait to act.  Study data shows that about two-thirds of primary household shoppers have already used their smartphone on a shopping trip. These users are rapidly forming preferences.