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Effective Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

In a recent study by Constant Contact, mobile web users made up a lower percentage of overall restaurant web site visitors than visitors to their regular web sites. Which wasn’t surprising, but, the study showed, that mobile web site visitors remain on the site’s menu pages for a longer period of time. Broken down by format, the average tablet viewer was on the site for just over 5 minutes, desktop users for 4 minutes 56 seconds and mobile/smartphone users for 4 minutes 41 seconds. These are great numbers for viewing times when compared to other industries.

Given the effectiveness of the mobile web for restaurants, it is important that restaurants take advantage of the opportunity.

What are the best ways to do that?

First, make sure you include your daily specials and promotions.  When you update the menu with specials or promotions, make sure you update the online menus. A CMS works wonders for restaurants. That way customers have a reason to visit on a regular basis.

Second, make sure you include pictures. Images of food increase website views and conversion. Use strong visual images to wow potential guests. Pictures of what you offer is one of the main reasons visitors reach your site, make sure you are giving potential consumers the information that they are looking for to increase conversions. Keep in mind the mobile format and download speeds when formatting images.

Third, make sure you include your menu on social networks like Yelp. Make it simple for diners to find out what is on your menu as they browse those sites.

Mobile consumers are on the go right now and looking for local businesses information while they are doing so. Mobile is potentially a highly profitable investment for restaurants if you give users the information they are looking for in an effective format.