Monthly Archives: May 2014

Mobile Propels New Video Advertising Thinking

As viewers are changing how they watch not only movies and tv programming but online content, brands need to understand how to integrate advertising. Mobile applications and mobile web sites are leading the charge as mobile media continues to develop and along with that, new rules are being developed for marketing and advertising.

Data from Vindico indicates that nearly two thirds of current video ads go unseen. By following some simple suggestions businesses will see better returns on their video advertising budgets.

First, ads need to be placed at the top of the screen above the fold.  Ads below the fold may run without viewers ever seeing them.

Second, make sure you are advertising on sites that have limited advertising. Heavy ads on sites limit viewer interest but more importantly, the more ads per page, the longer the page will take to load, and users will turn away.

Third, advertisers must understand that users have different habits on smartphones and they aren’t as likely to consume long-form content. Advertisers are now opting for short videos. Think about Vine – that’s how consumers are choosing to experience and share video content right now.

Looking at the mobile form factor and usage trends allows advertisers to develop an advertising plan that works with what people are currently doing rather than relying on outdated thinking.