Monthly Archives: November 2014

Get The Most From Your Mobile Audience

The modern mobile user is sophisticated when it comes to advertising.

The modern mobile application and mobile web user does not respond well to marketing efforts that are forced upon them. In a recent study,  AdVid details that 95 percent of the mobile users that they surveyed stated they are annoyed to receive messages from senders they haven’t given permission. It is best to ask for a users’ permission to deliver relevant marketing messages and then not abuse it.

An excellent way to get users to give you permission to market to them is to create incentives. iPhone application developers can help you create mobile programs that reward customers for being open to ads and other messaging on their devices are more likely to be participated in. Develop ways you can reward users who are willing to your receive your marketing efforts.

Understanding your users is easier than ever.

You have the technology to understand what your users are looking at and want, so improve your mobile marketing to fit their wants. Don’t waste time and money creating and delivering marketing that doesn’t speak to your users. Personalize the experience and you will get the best response. Marketing that doesn’t speak to your users will be opted out of or ignored.

Build integrated digital experiences that have consistent messaging.

Successful mobile app creation is aligned with your existing branding and can bring tremendous value to your customers. Effective mobile programs enhance your overall marketing campaign. But remember that key with mobile advertising programs is that you can use analytic data from app use to improve your marketing message and overall marketing response. In doing this you will also be developing marketing that speaks to your customer’s interests within your consistent brand messaging.