What’s all this talk about DATA?

Over the past several years you have heard mobile application developers talking about using data.

In the past market research may have seemed out of range to many SMBs, but mobile devices have changed the equation.

As the mobile market is maturing users are expecting more and more from their mobile devices and the best way to give them more is by using the data they create using their mobile devices.

Users are expecting more and more from their mobile devices

Users are expecting more and more from their mobile devices | Photo: tec_estromberg (Flikr)

But how do you utilize data for your app?

First of all, you must collect it.

If you want to create a successful mobile marketing program around your mobile application then need to make sure that you deliver the right message, whether push notifications, native content, or other to just the right person. This is where most businesses and mobile applications miss the mark. Without gathering the appropriate data you will not be able to deliver the proper content.

Before you begin your mobile application development project, talk to your iPhone application developer or Android application developer about the data you would like to be able to collect and how you would like to be able to utilize it to personalize your messaging.

What information should you collect?

Start with the basics, asking for demographic information may not seem exciting but it can be very useful when creating campaigns.

Next keep record the device and OS. While this may not seem particularly useful, you will need to segment groups for campaign delivery. Nothing tells your audience you aren’t paying attention faster than announcing a new Android update is available to iOS users or vice versa.

This is the easy stuff, now you need to move on to user events.  Events are user behaviors you want to track. These are made up of items such as screen opens, button clicks, etc. This will help you determine how users are utilizing your application. What screens are opened and which are never touched?

How are users interacting with your messaging? Did they open it? Click on it? Before sending new messages to a user it would help to track previous responses.

By collecting this information you will be able to deliver messaging to your user base that meets their interests and is seen as an asset rather than a nuisance. Additionally you will be able to refine your application to how your customers use it.

Photo: http://bit.ly/1F0BdxQ

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Kimber Johnson
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