How Mobile Coupons Can Drive Sales

The mobile device has rapidly become the most widely used technology in the world. It has become so key to people’s lives that for the first time in 2015, time spent on mobile phones surpassed time spent on desktop and laptop computers. This evolution of mobile phones and mobile apps has made the lives of consumers and marketers a lot easier and much more convenient. And as retailers, mobile app development companies and marketers are putting effort into finding ways to improve mobile programs; one of the easiest and best ways for them to get the most out of mobile offerings in 2016 is to use mobile coupons.

Mobile is turning out to be a crucial tool in the consumer’s shopping process.

Mobile is turning out to be a crucial tool in the consumer’s shopping process. | Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns (Flikr)

Mobile is turning out to be a crucial tool in the consumer’s shopping process. When a consumer wants a product or service, he or she embarks on a path to purchase. They use mobile devices all along the purchase path – from product discovery to coupon redemption to post purchase engagement.

As we all know, millennials, as a generation, are typically more impatient than previous generations. They want what they want when they want it. In other words, they expect to get nearly anything and everything brought right to their doorstep as fast as logistically possible. And when it comes to coupons their priorities aren’t different. Retailers should never underestimate the need to offer coupons on consumers’ smartphones.

How has mobile changed couponing?

More than 56% of consumers say they research their purchases online before buying in a store, according to a new research by eMarketer. Millennials like to research products, discover deals, find stores and read reviews online. They also use their mobile devices to check and compare prices in real time. And most retailers are now able to insert an offer or price to a shopper whilst they are considering a purchase, which has also proved to be a game changer for their businesses.

How mobile coupons can drive retail sales

Many retailers still rely on their physical stores to drive sales and customer loyalty. With that said, whether online or in-store, consumers expect in-store prices to be the same as online prices and today, consumers expect good deals when they shop. Consumers, particularly millennials, want offers and good deals as long as they do not have the usual hassle of paper coupons. They want their coupons to be easy to redeem. Making mobile coupons easy to redeem is not only beneficial to consumers, but to retailers.

Therefore, if you are running a retail business, it is always a good idea to build a fully functional couponing strategy into your mobile app. The ability to access coupons directly on smartphone can make the process a lot more efficient and improve sales.


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