How to Write a Great Description for Your Mobile App

Mobile phones have a wide variety of great apps to choose from that are designed, programmed and then then uploaded to an app market like the Google Play Store by businesses, individuals and mobile app development companies. With the number of apps available, you need to write a good description that will make your mobile app stand out and be chosen ahead of others in the sea of mobile applications. Let’s look at how to write a great description for your mobile app.

With the number of apps available, you need to write a good description that will make your mobile app stand out

With the number of apps available, you need to write a good description that will make your mobile app stand out | Photo: Răzvan Băltărețu (Flikr)

Features and Benefits

You can start by listing the features of your mobile app one by one and as well as give their benefits and also explain briefly how each feature works. You should use simple language to make sure that the reader can understand.

Write for Your User

It is often a good idea to create a user persona that acts as a guide to who you are writing the description of the app for, it helps you to define the needs and wants of the consumer. You should clearly outline what the application is for and how it can be used to help the user. You should describe what the pros of your app are and how it is superior to other apps of the same nature. Show how your app has outdone them and the advantages it has over them by starting with the most influential and strongest points. As you continue writing, you can include questions that instigate curiosity in the reader. Since most readers don’t read everything, lists can be very effective at communicating features.

Writing the Content

You should have a good grammar and diction in your writing and ensure that it is meaningful and it carries weight. Make sure you choose words that will drive your points articulately and with impact. By doing this, the reader will be interested to read more. You should be brief in your sentences but ensure that you communicate effectively. This can be achieved by choosing words that are meaningful and those that drive your point clearly.

Be Truthful and Give Proof

It is important to write true information about the app and support it with testimonials and statistics. For example, highlight the awards that your app may have won and other places where your app was featured. You can also include reviews that recommended your app and statistics such as the number of downloads of your app.

Call the Reader to Action

After writing the description in impactful language, it is now time to call the reader to action. You should imagine that the reader has ignored the download button so far and you should tell the reader to download your app now.

Final Thoughts

With you description, you should be brief and get straight to the point or you will lose readers. Remember to organize your description very simply including bullet lists. Ensure that the language is easy to understand: you want to avoid technical jargon and make sure you use the correct keywords.



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