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Top 100 Web Developers Worldwide on Twitter 2013 Released

Congrats to Kimber Johnson @kimbergjohnson , Managing Director of Pacific App Design for being named to the Top 100 Web Developers Worldwide on Twitter 2013.

Criteria included:

  • Supportive – First and foremost, we all want somebody we can count on – a friendly face who works hard and doesn’t go missing when times are tough.
  • Cutting Edge – Responsive layouts, retina support … what ever next? The web development industry is constantly changing. Every day brings new developments, technologies and techniques.
  • A Programming Wizard – Not to be overlooked, a little knowledge of HTML, CSS or even JavaScript will go a long way. If a Web Developer can’t get technical and talk a little turkey, they may struggle further down the line.
  • A Story Teller – Websites are likes stories, a narrative of information that communicates a website’s purpose while persuading visitors to act. Weaving words and ideas together is an essential prerequisite, without it a website will become a confusing puzzle without an answer.
  • Artsy – We all like beautiful websites with full-screen glossy images, huge typography and brilliant branding. Like it or not, ugly websites are a thing of the past.

The original article can be found at http://bit.ly/11Ha5Uf