Mobile Commerce to Double by 2017

According to new figures from Juniper Research in ‘Mobile Commerce Markets: Sector-by-Sector Trend Analysis and Forecasts 2013-2017’, they predict the value of mobile transactions to more than double from this year’s $1.5 trillion to a very impressive $3.2 trillion by 2017.  This comes as no surprise to anyone who has watched the meteoric growth of mobile application development.

Right now this creates a huge opportunity for retailers as not all businesses have stepped up and added a mobile presence. “Mobile presents a great opportunity for savvy business operators at this moment,” observes Pacific App Design’s managing director Kimber Johnson, “if businesses do not embrace a user-friendly mobile experience, they will find themselves falling behind the competition who are embrace mobile channels.”

In a recent report from TransFirst and ControlScan, it shows that just 37 percent of retailers are either in the process of optimization (15 percent) or have plans to optimize with mobile web sites in the next year (22 percent). Which is surprising given how thoroughly the market has embraced the technology. Google research from May, 2012 showed that the average smartphone owner installed 28 apps on their device.   According to a study by Flurry in December of 2012, U.S. consumers spent an average of 127 minutes using mobile apps per day. This is an ideal place to connect with a consumer base.

“From our experience, we have seen that a multi-pronged approach works best,” continues Kimber Johnson, “mobile applications work well to deepen relationships with customers and to improve relationships with a consumer base, while mobile web sites typically work well widening a consumer base as they help improve the experience with consumers on a first contact.”

The value of mobile app marketing and a strong mobile web presence cannot be overstated. Users are attached to their mobile devices and depend on them to deliver content on in an enormous spectrum and if you are not delivering content within that spectrum you are at risk of being ignored and forgotten.

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Kimber Johnson
Kimber Johnson is the co-founder of Pacific App Design. Kimber has worked within the web development, graphics design, mobile application development, marketing and advertising fields for over 17 years.

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