Don’t Forget Click to Call on Mobile Web Sites

In a recent survey, taken by Google and Ipsos, data suggests that promoting telephone calls from mobile sites is very important. Specifically, the survey shows the value of a “click to call” button included on mobile web sites and in search data, as a substantial number, 70 percent, of users using mobile search used the “click to call” directly from Google’s search results.

But why are searchers using “click to call”? 59 percent of mobile searchers stated that it was the need for speed that motivated them to utilize “click to call”, 57 percent wanted to speak to a real person and 54 percent said they needed more information than the website could provide. Breaking down the data further, the primary reasons stated for calling a were to check business hours (52 percent), making a reservation or scheduling an appointment (51 percent) or to inquire about inventory, availability or booking information (47 percent).

Businesses that don’t have a “click to call” button in search results risk losing business to their competition. 41 percent of mobile searchers will check out other brands in the event their chosen brand has no “click to call” and another 41 percent state being annoyed and frustrated by the lack of “click to call” feature.

“Based on the research, driving phone calls should be a priority for businesses.” says Kimber Johnson, Managing Director of Pacific App Design. “A click to call button has been shown to be very effective in turning searchers into potential customers and should not be ignored in a businesses mobile marketing efforts.”

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Kimber Johnson
Kimber Johnson is the co-founder of Pacific App Design. Kimber has worked within the web development, graphics design, mobile application development, marketing and advertising fields for over 17 years.

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