5 Key Advantages of Mobile Marketing that are Bound To Make An Impact on Your Business

If you are like most businesses, then you are looking for the ways to acquire new customers.

Mobile marketing has some tremendous advantageous

What do your potential users intend to do with your mobile application? | Photo: Jorge Quinteros (Flikr)

Wise fishermen always go to where the fish are to drop their lines and wise business people do the same. Right now mobile is where customers are which makes mobile the place to be to acquire new customers. It’s growth has been phenomenal and in the near future there is no slowing down.

Mobile marketing has some tremendous advantageous over some of the more traditional methods.


Never before have businesses been able to engage with their customers in as many ways as they can now.  Savvy businesses give their customers the option to personalize communications to meet their preferences, so you may find the same promotion going to millions of customers via push, SMS, email, in-app notification and other ways, all to meet the individual preferences of the modern consumer.

Broad User-base

Mobile devices are used by practically everyone today and are not limited to particular audiences. Mobile is not just for Millennials, it is for adults as well, in fact the fastest growing demographic of smart phone use is between users between 55 to 64.

Quick Conversions

Mobile is a terrific medium to capitalize on impulse purchases. Businesses that provide a easy to use, intuitive path to making purchase via mobile device can capitalize on the impulse nature of consumers on mobile devices, while business that are unprepared are missing out on sales.

Mobile Messaging Gets Read

Messaging on mobile devices gets read and gets results. According to a recent study by Localytics, 52 percent of mobile users enable push messaging on their devices. Of those receiving the messaging Localytics reported  observing an exceptional 7 percent open rate for segmented push messaging.

Search Leader

There are more searches on mobile now than desktop searches and the gap will continue to increase in the upcoming years.  Businesses need to make them selves easy to be found where customers are looking for them. Much like businesses needed to be in the Yellow Pages in the 1970s for customers to be able to find them, businesses now must consider both mobile friendly web sites and mobile application development for interested customers to be able to find them.

While mobile web sites allow customers to find you with greater ease, for long term engagement, users prefer mobile applications. Users prefer the functionality of mobile apps and 89 percent of their mobile time is spent on mobile apps rather than the web based versions. (Smart Insights)

Before you contact an iPhone app developer or Android application developer, you should consider your potential users and what they intend to do with your mobile application or mobile web site.

Don’t add in unnecessary features. Focus on key features that your potential users want and don’t confuse them with unneeded features or clutter, if your applications lacks a focal point and clear path users will just delete it and move on.

Make sure you organize those features into and easy to use package that is intuitive. When it comes to user interfaces remember that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but that if you keep abreast of development trends you will understand how users are used to performing certain tasks. Leveraging this familiarity can make your application easier to use.

Key is to learn basic principles and then adapt them to the specifics of your user base to learn what’s right for your project.

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Kimber Johnson
Kimber Johnson is the co-founder of Pacific App Design. Kimber has worked within the web development, graphics design, mobile application development, marketing and advertising fields for over 17 years.

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